Large Bear with Massive Shoulders_ Han 11.43 cm

Suggested Attribution: Han Dynasty (206 bce–220 ce)

Size: 11.43 cm

The following link shows several bears with comparable Han jaw hair ruff terminus spiral

Han Bear Style Ears

The following link shows a jade tiger from the Edwards-Bishop collection with the stylized ‘jaw hair ruff ears’.

Tiger w Han ‘Hair Ruff Ear’

Please see our other bears in the Realistic Creatures category and our Winged Bears in the Vessels category.  And scroll down to see video of this wonderful sculpture in the round.

Suggested Attribution: Han Dynasty (206 bce–220 ce)  Size: 11.43 cm

This bear has massively powerful shoulders and neck.  He is strength and power incarnate.  The paws and claws are carved in excellent detail and reflect power commiserate to the musculature of the body, and one can only imagine the size and fearsomeness of the unseen fangs.

The ears are in the Han bear style of being formed by spiraling into a circle at the terminus of the jaw hair ruff.  The ears are in the Han ‘maze style’ of  incisions in complete and incomplete circles.

Please scroll down below the description to view the 360 deg video of this amazing sculpture.  You may stop the video at any position and click the icon on the right side of the video bar to enlarge to full screen.

360 deg. video of this large Han dynasty bear.

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