Drinking 10cm

This delightful carving of a man reclining on his back with head using one wine jug as a pillow and another as a foot prop, while holding with both hands and drinking from the spout of a half gourd shaped vessel.  He has a grin and half closed eyes indicating a pleasure filled mood.  His ears are long and scroll shaped and on the crown of his head there is an oval shaped cap or clump of hair. He wears a below the knee tunic with long, wide cuffed sleeves, over baggy trousers.  His right leg is bent slightly at the knee with toe of shoe resting against wine jug and his left leg is raised with heel resting on wine jug.  An elongated tropical leaf, perhaps of banana type, serves as the mat or bedding upon which he reclines.

The narrative captured in this carving of bawdy and somewhat humorous human behavior recalls the burlesquely presented musicians and entertainers first seen in Han dynasty art as well as the exposed breast females, usually referred to as courtesans,  attributed to Ming dynasty.  For reference to these open LINK below to Sotheyby’s example.


Nude Sleeping Info