Bear Vessel 7.75 x 7cm

Bear-Fantastic Vessel 7.75cm

Attribution: 6 Dynasties to Northern qi

Description: This winged bear vessel is a fantastic rendition of a bear hollowed out as a vessel. It has both horns and wings. And instead of the ruff around the neck that is typical of the archaic Han Chinese bear, it has very long hair coming out of each side of the jowls, which is not characteristic of a real bear. Both bear vessels in this collection have this unusual feature. Its mouth is open exposing fearsome fangs, and it has pendulous breasts that are very anthropomorphic. He/she is squatting with belly between knees and his long clawed paws are resting on each knee. The eyelids extend into brows, and the brows extend back to form ears that are more realistic than the stylized scroll ears of Han bears. On his back he has beautifully sculpted primary wings that sweep down and out and secondary flight wings layered above them that sweep down and inward. Above these are semi circular scale like coverts. The bottom is flat, but each foot is in relief with a footprint that has well incised pads. He sits on a short tail incised in low relief and curved at the end. The fur is nicely etched in various places all over the bears anatomy. The bear is well hollowed out and if you place a lightbeam inside the translucency of the face of the bear is very dramatic in the way it stands out.