Elephant Vessel 11.68 cm

Elephant Vessel 11.68cm

Attribution: Zhou

Description: The elephant vessel is very unusual and rare. A circular hole in the top opens to an interior that is hollowed out fully and well. When a light is beamed inside the vessel it is very translucent, shining like an orb. It has Tao-tieh masks on the sides and with decoration of scrolls in relief. Some of the scrolls are in a heart shaped angulation which may be indicative of Qin or the preceding Warring States period. All of the surface carving is in very fine relief. It has a reddish, most likely cinnabar or red ochre saturation penetrating natural fissures; a strong one goes from above the ear to below the eye on the left side. On the right side there is the same type saturation on the back leg buttock. The eyes are nicely done in relief. The small tusks point downward and the trunk comes up and turns at the end like a periscope.

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