Pure White Bowl 21.26cm

Suggested Attribution: Qianlong dynasty 18th CE,  Size: 21.26cm

The flawlessness and translucence and pure white tremolite color of this vessel puts it in a gem or precious stone category as well as being in the class with the finest of lapidary carvings.  The highest quality nephrite material plus the labor of highest skill and time consumption for hollowing out, then piercing the upper half into a fine composition of birds flying among floral vegetation, and finally the detailed polishing to a fine satin sheen – all combine to make this an invaluable work of art and beauty.  Hetien nephrite of this quality may well be a thing of the past and never to be found again even in small river pebbles now worth their weight in gold; especially when the destruction of the very river from whence it and others before it were found for over 2,000 years has been destroyed by men of greed and their huge earth moving equipment.  When this collector first laid eyes on this piece, his first thought was that it was too good to be true.  And only a gemological certification and personal examination under magnification removed this doubt.

Extensive research has revealed no comparables for this piece.  One may find skilled artisan work of comparable quality; one may even find tremolite of comparable quality in smaller sized pieces.  But we venture to say that it is highly unlikely that one will find a finished piece that combines color, translucency, flawlessness, work, and size that is equal.  There is little doubt that the Emperor Qianlong, who demanded entitlement to the finest quality Hetien jade, would have had this as a pre eminent piece in his collection.

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